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Short & Long-Term Moving Storage Units

Slidell Moving & Storage

Slidell Moving & Storage is a full-service storage and transportation company. We provide temporary storage services that we call “storage-in-transit” for up to 90 days; after that goods are moved to our permanent storage services. All of our storage utilizes specialized crates in secure, climate-controlled warehouse facilities ensuring peace of mind during a move or however long you need them.

Moving And Storage

Residential Storage Services

Our storage facilities deliver long-term assurance and can help in many different ways such as de-cluttering while showing your home, providing transitional storage, storing new appliances until your new home is ready, downsizing your belongings, and much more.

Slidell Moving storage warehouse forklift and storage crates
Slidell Moving and Storage warehouse with storage crates in Slidell, Louisiana
Storage Locker

Commercial Storage Services

Throughout your commercial move, you can trust Slidell Moving & Storage for secure, customized, and integrated moving and storage solutions designed to make your relocation effortless. We are well-equipped to help you with all packing, moving, assembly, and other basic services.

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